Swat Kalam Basic Tour 5Days 4Nights


Swat Kalam Basic Tour 5Days 4Nights

Swat Kalam Basic Tour 5Days 4Nights
Swat Valley has various locations that are Worth Visting but the Most visited Place from tourist Prospective is undoubtedly Kalam Valley. It has green meadows and hub to various sub Valleys like Ushu Jungle, Mataltan Village, Gabral Valley, Chota Deosai, Mahudand and Lake Saifulllah. Kalam is always moderate even in Hot screaming Summer but weather remains pleasant so tourists are flocking into Swat Valley. Kalam Valley is 11 Hours Driver from Islamabad Via mardan Takhtbhai reaching towards SaiduSharif and from Saidu Sharif it takes Further 6 Hours to Reach Kalam Valley. Road till Behrain is very good but road condition from Behrain to Kalam is not good.

Discount Price: 52,500 PKR

Package Price 65,000 PKR

Day 01: Start Tour in Morning from Islamabad at 8am and move towards Fizzaghat, Short stay on few locations , Reach Hotel in Fizzaghat , Bonfire in Evening

Day 02: Breakfast in Hotel, then move Towards Madayan Behrain in 3 Hours time, SHort stay there and then Move towards Kalam Valley IN 4 Hours Time

Day 03: Breakfast in Hotel, Visit Nearby areas like Ushu Jungle and move towards Behrain for Night Stay

Day 04: Breakfast in Hotel, then move to Malam Jabba, Enjoy 3 to 4 Hours there and stay in Fizzaghat

Day 05: Breakfast in Hotel, White Palace then Move towards Rawalpindi/ Islamabad for End of Tour

Tour Includes:

  1. Dedicated Private GLI Car with Driver & Fuel
  2. Breakfast for Couple
  3. 4 Nights Hotel Stay
  4. Road Taxes
  5. Bonfire in Hotel on First Night
  6. Visit Malam Jabba Included

Things Not Included:

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Any Refreshments
  4. Any Air or Train Tickets
  5. Anything other then Agreed

Hotel Stay:

  1. Hotel Rock City Fizzaghat ( 2 Nights Stay )
  2. Hotel Dimond Hills Kalam Valley ( 2 Nights Stay )